In addition to my normal “triumvirate” of composing, theorizing, and teaching, I also program on the side. This page is where I will highlight my efforts in software

Heptatonic Modal Utilities

Status: Not released, In progress (Java Desktop App at Version 0.3.6).

Heptatonic Modal Utilities is a project I started some time ago, to make my rather expansive Heptatonic Modal Catalog more readily navigable. In addition to allowing one to search for heptatonic modes in the catalog, it also allows an interactive exploration of the properties and modal operations introduced in my 2015 conference paper, “Of Modes and Manifolds: The Landscape of Heptatonic Modal Pitch Space”, including an interactive Heptatonic Manifold. Its current incarnation is as a cross-platform desktop Java application, and my current plans involve porting it to mobile platforms.

For more info on Heptatonic Modal Utilities and my progress on the project, check out the blog posts.