Electrical Gremlin Has Been Released

My new album, Electrical Gremlin, has officially been released today.  You can purchase the digital edition over on Bandcamp for just $7.  And since today, April 7th, happens to be Bandcamp Friday, Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue share from purchases, making this an excellent day to buy Electrical Gremlin, and lots of other interesting music there from independent artists.

Electrical Gremlin Cover

For those who are wondering if there will be CDs, the answer is yes.  I have an initial small run of CDs on the way, which will be available for purchase on my Bandcamp page once they’re available–just $10 plus shipping.  The current estimated arrival time of when I will receive the discs is the middle of next week.  The packaging is quite entertaining . . .

Electrical Gremlin CD Edition Mockup Image

Mockup image of the CD edition of Electrical Gremlin . . . and yes, the gremlin’s face will be on the disc!

If you’re the streaming type, Electrical Gremlin is now live on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and a number of other services . . . and if you’d like a taste now, here’s the third track, “Poltergeist Activity”, straight from YouTube.

I hope you all enjoy the new album, and thanks for your support!




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