Opus 21 – String Quartet No. 7

String Quartet No. 7 in E-flat Cymean, “Mechanical”, Op. 21


Date of composition: 2005

Duration (approx.): 22 minutes

Instrumentation: string quartet


  • I-Fiery, brooding (in the Cymean mode)
  • II-Mysterious, foreboding (in the Attican mode)
  • III-Mechanical (in the Cyzician mode)
  • IV-Angular, pastoral (in the Dorian mode)
  • V-Funereal (in the Andrian mode)
  • VI-Mechanical and jovial, elf-like (in the Mixolydian mode)
  • VII-Uneasy, as if being watched (in the Sentinian mode)
  • VIII-In Turkish March style (in the Cymean mode)
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