Opus 33 – Antichrony

Antichrony, Op. 33


Date of composition: 2009

Duration (approx.): 8 minutes

Instrumentation: 2-channel fixed audio media


Program Notes
Antichrony was produced in the Kyma X environment, using a surprisingly limited array of sound samples as a basis (samples whose identity I shall refrain from revealing here), that have been heavily modified. The word “antichrony” essentially refers to a state of “deviating from the true order of time”, which accurately describes the timbral elements of the piece, namely the sharp “ticking” sounds that appear throughout. As in all of my other works in electronic media, perhaps owing to my “absolute pitch”, it was my intent to create a clear sense of pitch and sonority throughout (it begins and ends in E). The shifts in tonal centricity and mode, coupled with timbral contrast, delineate the form and create points of interest in the music. In particular, there is a shift between sustained, backwards-sounding timbres and the “ticking” sounds.

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