Watch the Cyan Egg Music Online Premiere by Onomatopoeia

Earlier this year, after the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out everyone’s performance calendar, the (mostly) Seattle-based wind trio Onomatopoeia (Cassie Lear, flute; Soren Hamm, saxophones; Rebecca Olason, horn) released an “online premiere” of my Cyan Egg Music, Op. 59 (2019), on their Facebook page and on YouTube–the latter of which has been embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The piece is divided into five distinct movements, which are listed below as well. As is the case with all of their performances, they knocked this one out of the park–hope you enjoy!


Cyan Egg Music, Op. 59 (2019)


I-Dream-like, but uneasy (in the Phocian mode)

II-Strangely pastoral, languid (in the Taurian mode)

III-Twitchy, stilted (in the Dardanian mode)

IV-Nasal, dirge-like (in the Locrian mode)

V-Insistently, driving (in the Phocian mode)

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