3/17/14 – String Quartet No. 12 recording, more site improvements

I’ve done a little further spring freshening on the site, including a rather thorough layout rework on the Music page. Far less cluttered-looking, and the recordings I have are more easily found. I’ll probably continue to tweak it in the next couple weeks, now that this quarter is coming to a close at the college.

Speaking of recordings, I’ve also just posted the recording of my String Quartet No. 12, which was commissioned and premiered by Third Angle New Music this past year, as part of their New Ideas in Music (NIIM) competition. They’re really a phenomenal group, and I especially enjoyed working with them. The impromptu “mini-symposium” that sort of came about with the other finalists during the few days before the concert made it all the more enjoyable. They’ve done another edition of the competition this year, and will be premiering six more new quartets this May.

I am drafting up a few things regarding my compositional approach–both in general, and with specific pieces–that I will be posting up here in the coming weeks, so I hope you’ll check by here again in the near future.


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