Mar 11 2014

3/11/14 – New recordings and site updates

Things have been relatively quiet here with the site in recent months, in part because life’s been a bit hectic in other quarters.  The marathon Ph.D program is done, and since then, I’ve been keeping busy with my teaching duties, trying to find something full-time, and working on getting my modal theory (or at least part of it) into an initial publishable form.  With a few new recordings rolling in, including the reading session of my periodic table-inspired dissertation with the UO Symphony, I started tweaking some things on the site, and will continue tinkering with it in the coming weeks, all the while adding more content, and trying to make this a more interesting place to visit.

Speaking of ye olde dissertation, the readings of Lithium and Beryllium are now up here, and on my recently revived SoundCloud (which, until a few days ago, only had my recording experiments with a cello I tuned down a full fifth).  I got decent takes of Nitrogen and Neon as well, which I hope to have up in the coming days.  My thanks to Maestro David Jacobs at the University of Oregon, and all the UO Symphony musicians for spending quite a bit of time on the piece, and to my former teacher David Crumb for taking on the rather active celesta part.  The next step there will be finding an opportunity for an official “premiere” of all 10 elements pieces I’ve done thus far (Hydrogen through Neon).  I’ll be posting more about the process of writing that project in the near term.

Other projects I have going on right now include a violin sonata I’m very close to finishing for Wyatt True, and I’ve also been working sporadically on a thirteenth string quartet and a third volume of Modal Preludes.

I’ve also gotten an official “contact” page up here now, in case anyone might have interest in collaborating or acquiring my freelance services, which include composing for concert idioms and media, arranging, orchestration, engraving, and private composition study.



Mar 06 2013

Third Angle Open Rehearsal – Friday 3/8/13

I now have more details about the open rehearsals for the Third Angle New Ideas In Music (NIIM) concert. The group will be rehearsing my String Quartet No. 12 as part of the open rehearsal scheduled for this Friday (March 8th), which will take place from 12:30pm to 2:30pm at the Ellyn Bye Studio, located in the basement of The Armory (128 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR). The rehearsal is free and open to the public.

Mar 04 2013


At long last, I have established a digital presence–feels strange having my own “dot com” now.  I’m still sorting things out with the site–feel free to browse around in the meanwhile, and check back again, as I should have quite a bit more content up here.

The big event coming up for my music is on March 21st at 7:30pm in the Lincoln Recital Hall (good old Room 75–I have fond memories of rehearsing with the PSU Symphony there, as a 16-year-old junior in college).  Third Angle Ensemble will be premiering my brand new Twelfth String Quartet as part of their 2nd Annual New Ideas In Music concert, along with new works by Jay Derderian, Nicholas Omiccioli, Geoffrey Gordon, Brendan Faegre, and Julian Day.  There will be a couple of free open rehearsals for the concert as well.  I’ll share more details once I know.

‘Til then, keep it modal.