New Album, Canvouver, Wheels Out November 3rd, 2023

On Friday, November 3rd, my second album, the absurdly-titled Canvouver, wheels out the door, a mere seven months after its predecessor, Electrical Gremlin.  And it again features my bizarre cover art, this time featuring some sort of . . . sentient, self-driving giant can of “fancy whirlygigs”, the best of which are apparently imported from West Richland, Washington.  (The more you know.)

Canvouver is currently available for pre-order on Bandcamp, and you’ll get to download the three previously-released singles from it (“Whirlygig”, “West Richland”, and “Walker Lake”) to tide you over until the full thing goes live.  You can pre-save it on Spotify here.  It’ll also be coming to Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and all your favorite streaming services on release day as well.

Overall, Canvouver is a mellower-yet-mathier affair than Electrical Gremlin, and actually has a fair bit of New Wave, shoegaze, and atmospheric ’80s pop influence amongst its unusual mix of inspirations.  “Aloclek Drive”, for instance, sounds like Claude Debussy and Phil Collins teamed up to write the theme music for some legal drama, while “Arroxeado” is fueled by lo-fi shoegaze-y guitar haze.  Also, much as the title track on Electrical Gremlin saw my theremin’s circuitry fail, the title track on this one involved my guitar going out of commission.  (Thankfully, both the theremin and the guitar are repairable.)

To give you an additional taste . . . here’s a snippet of the title track, “Canvouver”, which shapeshifts throughout its nearly 10-minute runtime.

Also, as an added bonus, here’s Vibe Cat visiting some Tanasbourne-area office parks and attempting to figure out the 7/8 groove on “Aloclek Drive”:

I hope you all check out the new album when it lands next month, and I look forward to being able to share the whole thing with you very shortly!


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